Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New Moon in Aqaurius 2013

New Moon in Aquarius 2013 Astrology
The New Moon in Aquarius at 21 degrees 43 minutes on 10th February 2013 (07:20 GMT) marks the first day of the Chinese New Year.  

This Aquarian New Moon tightly square the nodal axis, urging us to move beyond our comfort zone (South Node) and head towards what we are meant to achieve in this life time (North Node).  Let go of old paradigms and rigid concepts (SN in Taurus).  'Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!' as the late Susan Jeffers had advocated in her book of the same title (NN in Scorpio).  The unknown can be scary, but what is more scary:  to remain in the same old place until the day you leave this planet or to trek on unexplored terrain and give your life some excitement?  I'll let you ponder on that one.

There is also a Pisces stellium (Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Chiron) with Venus in Aquarius, giving us a touch of compassion , to act on our intuition and to have faith in the Universe with our plans, even if our views are not supported by those around us.

The rulers of this New Moon are Uranus (modern) and Saturn (traditional).  The Uranus-Pluto square continues to be in the background.  Jupiter, planet of expansion and luck, sends his support to Uranus, providing an opportunity for more individuation.  However, holding onto the status quo may prevent you from  exploring a new avenue (Jupiter inconjunct Saturn).  


  1. Thanks maxine! Chinese new year is actually my lunar calendar birthday.

    Transiting venus is in between my natal moon and sun. The stellium in pisces is in my 6th house. Transiting Saturn is conjunct my natal jupiter 9' deg. Inconjunct transiting Jupiter. new moon is 4 deg away from my mercury.

    What would this mean?


    1. Hi J,

      Happy Lunar Birthday!

      We normally use an orb of 1 degree for transits, including new moons (3 degrees for eclipses). The Pisces stellium falls in your 6th house but only Neptune squares your Uranus. The effect of transiting Venus on your Sun/Moon midpoint is likely to have a transient effect as Venus transits are very quick. Some astrologers only consider conjunctions and oppositions to be worth analysing with new moons, so my guess is that whatever happens, it's not likely to be very serious or long-lasting, more like a passing thought. The New Moon doesn't make any conjunctions nor oppositions to your chart. You may rethink about what you value in life and re-evaluate what you would like to achieve in life with t.Venus on your Sun/Moon midpoint and t. Neptune squaring your n. Uranus in 3rd.

  2. Thanks maxine for your feedback. I read up about nep sq uranus.

    Lots of points I can relate to! I guess this transit will be here for a bit longer. ''Intensified idealism and heightened sensitivity may make you want to escape this world - another danger of this time period.'' I better keep my feet on the ground!


    1. Yes! Those transits are longer lasting than the Aquarius New Moon influence.


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