Thursday, 17 April 2014

Eclipses, retrogrades, cardinal grand cross in April

My reaction to the recent 'blood moon' business has been pretty nonchalant.  We get 2-5 eclipses each year and as I have mentioned in previous posts, eclipses are like alarm clocks, waking you up to issues in your life which require your attention. 

I don't believe that this tetrad blood moon phenomenon is portending the end of the world nor anything particularly inauspicious, take a look at this article for a more comprehensive explanation:

On a personal level, if your chart has planets/points/angles in cardinal signs between 22 to 28 degrees, then a hidden message or something which you have been ignoring is likely to come to the fore.  It doesn't have to be anything glaringly obvious to the world.  The message/outcome could be more internal (especially with Pluto going retrograde 8 hours before this lunar eclipse), triggering a part of you which is only visible to yourself.

We must not forget that besides the lunar eclipse (and the solar eclipse next week), we are also in the middle of the Mars retrograde in Libra period and also the cardinal grand cross becoming exact on 22/23 April.  Look out for natal planets/points at 13 degrees cardinal signs to see if this configuration aspects your natal chart.  I have my mutable sun at 13 degrees so although I can feel life's challenges on my shoulders, I am much more aware of the need and am  (relatively) ready to go with the flow.

For more information about the cardinal grand cross configuration, take a look at Elsa P's fantastic blog posts:

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