Friday, 18 April 2014

Solar Eclipse in Taurus 2014

The Solar Eclipse occurring at 8 degrees 51 minutes in Taurus on 29th April is a powerful new moon, therefore, besides heralding a new beginning, it is also a signal (an alarm clock) to wake us up and bring to our conscious attention, matters which we have been avoiding or ignoring.  Check the house in which this eclipse falls in to find out the area of your life in which seeds of intention can be planted.

Taurus brings to our attention the need to form a healthy relationship to our physical bodies and to release any unhealthy attachments to material possessions.  We are urged to think about our new plans carefully and steadily with Mercury in conjunction to this solar eclipse.  We still have the cardinal grand cross in effect so be open to new ideas and changes to your pre-existing beliefs; actually 'new ideas' is an understatement, it's more like a paradigm shift with Uranus in the picture.  From this dynamic grand cross, we have Pluto sending this eclipse a lovely trine, so although a certain level of discomfort could be felt, deep down, you know it's for the best and are ready for some profound changes.  This is also likely to be an opportunity for some healing to take place with Neptune sending a sextile to this eclipse.  The eclipse ruler, Venus, is in the compassionate sign of Pisces (in a trine to Saturn in Scorpio) - release the old and be kind to yourself. 

Do you have natal planets/points/angles between 5 degrees 51 minutes to 11 degrees 51 minutes in fixed signs?

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