Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year: Full Moon in Cancer 2018

Happy New Year!

The first full moon in 2018 will occur in the nurturing sign of Cancer on 2nd January.  

If you have planets in cardinal signs between 10-12 degrees, then this full moon will trigger those natal planets by conjunction/opposition (Cancer-Capricorn) or square (Aries-Libra)

Four planets (including both malefics) are in dignity (Moon, Mars, Saturn & Neptune), forming a wonderful kite.  You can read more about it at one of my favourite astrologers site: ElsaElsa.  

It is interesting to see that both benefics and malefics are mingling with one another:

Jupiter & Mars in Scorpio; Saturn & Venus in Capricorn, both pairs sextile one another (by sign only).  

Which area of your life is being highlighted by this Cancer full moon?


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  1. The area of my life that's being highlighted by this Cancer full moon. is my career/work as Carrillon, the company I work, just went bust in the new year 2018!


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