Monday, 20 October 2008

I'm a teacher and proud of it!

November 4th marks the opposition between Saturn and Uranus. Coincidentally, it's also the day of the US presidential election. Saturn appears to represent McCain - the mature and experienced candidate with traditional ideas versus Uranus/Obama - the candidate who is young, full of energy and enthusiasm and ready to present his innovative ideas to the world.

Personally, this opposition falls in my 2nd-8th axis, with Saturn transiting my 2nd house, also conjunct my natal Saturn (1st return) back in August and Uranus transiting my 8th house conjunct my natal Sun for the first time back in April 2006. This opposition could signify the struggle between keeping things as they are versus making changes. I have certainly been going through the motions of whether to stay put or to move around career-wise. In the end, Uranus won and I uprooted myself to another country, hence a new home but it's also my childhood home (natal Uranus in 4th). However, it's not until today I realise that this configuration also signifies a sense of self (2nd house). During a conversation with an auntie of mine on careers, she mentioned that as I'm approaching 30, I should really just stick to my current choice of profession - teaching instead of making changes (which I had been contemplating - the Uranus side of me). If that idea was presented to me 5 months ago, it wouldn't have been well received. But, today, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride of being associated with that label. I am a teacher. That is who I am and what I am good at being. I accept it with open arms. I no longer feel it isn't good enough. I have finally understood my lesson on self-worth (Saturn in 2nd; nodal axis also in 2nd/8th houses).


  1. Wow, complex stuff. Is there a house for too much chocolate eating? (apart, of course from my house):) MH

  2. LOL. That could come under the 5th house of addiction. For chocolate indulgence, the first thing that comes to mind is Taurus....

  3. Doesn't it sound like the typical voice of a Saturn Return?


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