Sunday, 5 October 2008


I am a big fan of Doreen Virtue - the founder of Angeltherapy. I listen to her radio show on religiously. The other day, while searching for her latest show, I accidentally clicked on the wrong button and ended up listening to Summer McStravick's show on Flowdreaming. I was about to close the window when I realised that Summer was discussing the reasons why sometimes manifestations did not seem to work.

Besides the fact that we may send out our wishes to the universe and then change our minds about them afterwards, another major reason for this apparent failure is because of the way we phrase our affirmations.

On the radio show, Summer used an example of someone wanting to manifest a soulmate level relationship. This person may affirm that 'I am in a harmonious relationship with my soulmate' and that 'We both understand one another on a deep and meaningful level'. So far so good. Positive affirmations work on the basis that one assumes the wish desired is already occurring. However, this person may continue to affirm 'I yearn to be in such a blissful relationship' or 'I wish to be with my soulmate ASAP'. Here, the message is being phrased in the future, i.e. the person is affirming the state of 'yearning' for a meaningful relationship instead of 'being' in a one. A big difference here.

For more information on Summer McStravick's work on Flowdreaming, visit her website

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