Saturday, 6 December 2008

Keep up the positive energy

In a previous post, I highly recommended Susan Jeffers' bestseller 'Feel the fear and do it anyway!' Recently, a friend of mine revived my interest in Jeffers' work and had directed me to Jeffers' website. I was pleased to find that a free downloadable booklet 'Affirmations are Powerful', was up for grabs when you sign up for her newsletter.

Jeffers shares 10 of her affirmations with her readers:

1) One step at a time is enough for me
2) Whatever happens, I'll handle it
3) I reach out and invite others into my life
4) I focus on my many blessings
5) I let go and I trust
6) I know what I count and I act as if I do
7) The quality of my life depends only on me
8) I radiate love wherever I go
9) I am drawing to me all good things
10) I am powerful and I love it!

Each affirmation comes with an explanation, discussing on the deeper meaning of each idea. I feel it is time I give myself a booster shot of positive affirmations!

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