Monday, 15 December 2008

Transforming hurt into love

I had been wondering how transiting Neptune and Chiron in 7th house will manifest themselves in my life when a recent event provided a possible answer to this placement.

As a follower of positive affirmations, I believe that it is important to send out positive vibes in order to attract positive experiences into my life. However, I recently discovered that someone I had trusted greatly had been two-faced and spoke behind my back. When I first found out, I thought 'I have attracted this. I must correct my thoughts to attract more positive experiences'. To be honest, I was deeply hurt when I first heard it. But then, I surprised myself when my next thought was 'I send positive energy to this person.' This is when I realised that I can finally put the teachings of Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Gill Edward, Fiona Harrold, Susan Jeffers etc into practice. Yes, this 'friend' of mine had betrayed me, but I was able to transform this hurt into a valuable life lesson (transiting Chiron in 7th trine natal Pluto in 3rd; transiting Pluto in 5th square natal Mercury in 8th). Spiritually, we are all one, which means that this 'friend' is technically me (and everyone else!). So sending her negative energy in response to her betrayal would do no-one any favours. Instead, I need to transform this hurt into unconditional love. I can tell you it's bloody hard, but I refused to toy with the idea of attracting more of these negative people into my life.

Deep down, I believe in justice. I wish you well. (But thank God I don't have to work with you anymore!)


  1. interesting blog maxine.does everyone have this neptune in chiron on their chart at the moment? or was it particular to your own one? j

  2. It's Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. Everyone has it but they fall in different houses depending on your birthchart. Don't worry, it doesn't mean everyone will get betrayed!

  3. haha oh good :)


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