Saturday, 20 June 2009

Mr G has left the building!

Coincidentally, it has been exactly a year since I wrote about Mr G - an endearing character with too much self-confidence.  I talked about the Mr Gs in my life and the lessons I had to endure.  Every time when I enter a new phase in my life, I would look out for the new Mr G.  Strangely enough, since my relocation, I notice that the typical Mr G is absent.  This does not mean I am leading a peaceful life - far from it!  Mr G has simply 'evolved' to someone who is covertly arrogant.  However, once you have scratched the confident surface, a rather vulnerable side is exposed.  With the assistance of a newly acquainted spiritual friend, I soon discovered that the quietly confident mask hides an individual with negligible amount of skills and talents within. 

I had a tough time adjusting to this evolution of life lessons.  Initially, I thought perhaps these newly evolved 'teachers' are mirroring a part of me?  But after discussing this through with my spiritual friend, we identified that perhaps the lack of talent in these people is actually acting as a motivator to squeeze out all the confidence I have within me - if these people can find a reserve of it without having the reason to, then surely I could too?!  In addition, I think another lesson is to have a great heart to forgive these people.  A sensitive soul like me have found their harsh energy pretty hard to bear at times, but, as mentioned in a previous post,  as hurtful and annoying these people can be, the cure is to think loving and positive thoughts of them.  I command justice in the situation and trust with all my heart that the universe will be fair to everyone involved.  

Though tough and treacherous, I walk on this path with like-minded companions, both near me and from a far distance, connected via cyber space.  I am grateful to still have my existing spiritual links with certain individuals who have been counselling me on my life's ups and downs.  I want to thank the universe also for sending me new individuals who speak my language of spiritualism.  If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have detected this evolution so quickly and would still be wallowing in self-pity!

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