Thursday, 3 December 2009

A Timely Reminder

With all the positive affirmation books I have read in the last few years, you would think that I should be an expert on putting those theories into practice.  However, just like in James Redfield's 'The Celestine Prophecy', it is hard to 'hold the vision' when you are once again dropped into the world of reality, and surrounded by materialism and skepticism of all sorts.  

Just as I was struggling with the usual problems of the mundane kind, I received my monthly e-newsletter from Susan Jeffers.  The contents consisted of no new concepts, but it was a timely reminder of what I should be doing - to focus on the positive and to think loving thoughts - regardless of the situation involved. 

I'm thankful for Jeffers' message on trying to work on our internal reaction instead of trying to change other people.  'One suggestion is that, instead of trying to change someone, despite how he or she is behaving, just keep silently repeating to yourself "I love you. I love you. I love you." No, I have not lost my mind. As you say these beautiful words, your internal energy starts to shift toward a very loving place. You can't imagine the profound effect it has on others when you project your love onto them!!! Try it and report back to me! As you continue to project your love onto others, you will ultimately melt into the realization that we are all human beings doing the best we can. And from this place, compassion for others...and for born.

Note that it's not that the behavior of others is always right; it's that we hurt only ourselves by letting their behavior take away our peace of mind. Also, we lose our ability to reach out in love when we are constantly in judgment of others. To let others be who they are and reach out to them anyway is the height of loving others. Sending "I love you" thoughts is a wonderful "reaction" to others...despite what they are doing.

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