Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Art of Freewill

When I first began my blog, I used the same title and wrote about one of my experiences of freewill.  After a couple of days though, I deleted the entry because I felt it contradicted with my spiritual beliefs.  In my initial post, I discussed that a fortune-teller friend of mine advised me to cancel my 2-week trip around Europe during the winter of 2003, the reason being that her calculations showed unfavourable conditions awaited me in the direction of my travel.  Practically, I had already paid for the trip and was looking forward to it.  Moreover, my best friend from school organised it and we knew it would be a long time (if ever) before we would be able to travel together again.  I couldn't let her down but at the same time, I felt pretty distraught with the negative piece of advice.  I then sought a second opinion and it was a lot more positive.  In the end, I went along with it and had a fantastic time, though there were aspects which I found rather challenging to my self-esteem.  Nevertheless, I returned home in one piece.

So what's the point of mentioning this again?  Everyday, I check Doreen Virtue's oracle card reading on YouTube.  The reading for tomorrow is 'Positive Expectations'.  Doreen mentioned that the final outcome of the situation currently on our mind is still not set in stone and that with our positive expectations, a happy result awaits us.  The key is not to give the Universe an 'outline' of our wish, that is, it is unproductive to tell the Universe the specifics because life will bring us an outcome which exceeds our mortal 3-dimensional thinking.  Just merely ask for an outcome for the highest good and hold the jubilant feeling as if the wish had already been granted.  I guess I subconsciously did just that 7 years ago for my trip - I visualised coming home in one piece.  

This brings us to the 'Freewill versus Fate' debate.  As a practitioner of astrology, I see certain sets of 'life paths' mapped out in one's birthchart.  Does this mean our lives are truly written in the stars, with no room for negotiation?  Yes and no, I believe that we choose to incarnate into our present physical body for a particular sets of 'lessons', as depicted in our birthchart. However, there are more than one way to learn our life lessons.  The possibilities are endless.  We are merely choosing the path at a particular point in time in order to experience a certain lesson. Therefore, we have the 'freewill' to choose within our given sets of 'fated' life paths.

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