Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Natal Saturn devouring personal planets

Cosmic Potential natal Saturn devouring personal planets
In Greco-Roman mythology, Saturn (Cronus) devoured most of his children for fear of dethronment by them one day, thanks to his father, Uranus' curse.  Well, that is what you get for castrating your own dad....

Any planets, especially personal ones, in close challenging contacts with natal Saturn, is akin to having them swallowed by Saturn.  The outward manifestation is that of feeling restricted emotionally (if involving the Moon), inhibited mentally (involving Mercury), displaying self-sabotaging behaviour (involving Mars) and having a suppressed personality (involving the Sun).  I know this is the case with me.  Thanks to my Saturn-Sun and Saturn-Mars contacts, I am an overly-cautious individual who is too afraid to break new grounds.  My Saturn in Virgo swallows my Sun and Mars in Pisces' creativity and replaces it with rules and structures.  I can draw - but only if I have something to copy from.  Creating something from thin air disturbs me - like drowning in the ocean.  Give me something to copy and I am confident that I can do a great job.

Saturn becomes easier to negotiate with age.  Life experiences allow us to see why we need Saturn in our lives - to give us a framework to live in, to adhere to a set of rules so the world doesn't become too chaotic, to give us enough consistency and stability for us to get on with our mundane lives.  As always, moderation is the key.  When life gets too predictable and too structured, it makes one want to break free from the mould and engage in more adventurous tasks.  

How can we break out of Saturn's grasp?  Going back to the myth, it was Jupiter/Zeus, one of Saturn's offspring, who released his siblings from the pit of Saturn's stomach.  Therefore, take a look at your natal Jupiter and the house it rules, for there lies the key to unlocking those personal planets within Saturn.  For me, trusting the Universe and having faith in my own talents (Jupiter in Cancer 12th, ruling 5th ) soothes my innate fear of expressing myself truthfully (Saturn in Virgo 2nd house oppose Sun & Mars in Pisces 8th). 

With outer planets, the dynamic is like in a tug-of-war.  In the myth, Saturn castrated Uranus but Uranus cursed in return, instilling fear in Saturn.  Saturn sticks to the tried and tested whereas Uranus blazes a new trail.  Saturn forms boundaries and Neptune dissolves them.  Saturn builds and Pluto demolishes.  The key here is to find a middle ground to permit both parties to exhibit their natural skills and talents.  Uranus provides us with new ideas but we need Saturn to manifest them into form.  Neptune can clear away unnecessary barriers but a certain level of defense is healthy to keep the ego intact.  Pluto can help us de-clutter ruthlessly and thereby clearing out outdated junk from our system.

Has Saturn swallowed any of your personal planets?  How can you release them?

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  1. I have Saturn conjunct Sun/Mercury rx in Taurus, I never feel like I know enough and feel I can't communicate orally what I am thinking and yes I can get depressed and melancholic quite often (It's all in the 6th house, yeah :p). Interesting article, hadn't thought of Jupiter and Saturn this way before. I have Jupiter in Libra in the 11th. I do tend to have big dreams and I guess I do get help from friends, but not sure how that unlocks sun/merc??

    1. Sun in Taurus in 6th could indicate the serving of others (6th) via building something with practical value (Taurus). By 'building', I don't mean physically assembling an entity - it could be, but it can also be a system, an organization (especially with your JU in 11th), a business etc. Cooperating with others and belonging to a network could be a way of unlocking the Saturn-Sun-ME conjunction. Sharing your long-term visions with other like-minded individuals may give you the support and confidence needed to take your plans forward. Does this resonate with you?

  2. I have my Saturn in my first house, conjunct to my Uranus (both in Sagg) and all in opposition to my natal Venus in my 7th house (Gemini). I've always been strict and responsable, especially on myself... But how does it affect my love life? Because of Saturn I am not expressing my Gemini Venus completly, which I think is good, but I tend to expect too much from myself and others... What do you think?

    1. Through relating to others, you are likely to learn how to relax and have fun. I think the fact that you find it hard to lighten up can prevent you from taking risks in your love life. You may even be oversensitive to the prospect of rejection , which can further discourage you from giving others (and yourself) a chance to embark on a new relationship. Perhaps explore the Uranus-Saturn conjunction to begin with - find a way to be more adventurous in a safe setting/experiment in small increments.


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