Friday, 14 September 2012

New Moon in Virgo 2012
The New Moon in analytical Virgo on 16th September is at 23 degrees 37 minutes, exact at 2:11am GMT.  

This New Moon conjunct its ruler Mercury, symbolising the start of a new plan, a new way of thinking and a new routine.  However, with the other Mercury-ruled planet, Jupiter, in Gemini quincunx action-oriented Mars in Scorpio, there is a danger of taking on too much and thus energy becomes scattered.  Moreover, with the New Moon trine the South Node, laziness is likely to creep in through the back door, since the South Node is the path of least resistance.  Any supposed 'new' inspirations may merely be a regurgitation of re-organised old ideas.  Creativity is likely to be strained too with Neptune square this South Node.  

How to harness this New Moon energy in Virgo

Practice Makes Perfect 
Virgo rules the 6th house of daily routines and mundane living.  Being a practical and down-to-earth sign,   Virgo reminds us that repeated actions do eventually become a habit.  The more you do something, the better you become, i.e. Practice Makes Perfect.  The process may seem like a drag, but obtaining expert status ultimately is well worth the hard work.

Increase your Efficiency
Virgo has the wonderful energy of helping us to organise our time and focus our energy on getting things done.  This is fantastic for procrastinators like me.  I find it a necessity to write a 'to-do' list on a daily basis. It acts as a framework for me to accomplish compulsory tasks/chores.  So instead of allowing time to fritter away, have in your mind what needs to be completed and have the determination to stick by it.  If it feels as if 24 hours isn't enough for you, work faster or find a different method of working.  Use your time effectively and efficiently.

Healthy Lifestyle
A participant in my Virgo New Moon Wishing workshop mentioned the importance of adhering to a set routine when it comes to eating and sleeping, i.e. at the very least, keep your meal times and bedtime stable.  Virgo is associated with physical health and unless we feed our bodies with wholesome food and allowing them to rest adequately, we won't be able to reap the benefits of good health.  Too many people take their health for granted and do not realise that it is something which requires active maintenance.  And we mustn't forget the importance of exercise too.  Doreen Virtue, angel therapist, once claimed on her radio show that exercise should be a daily habit - just like having a shower!

Find order from chaos
Besides becoming an efficient individual, the Virgoan energy also allows us to untangle 'knots' we encounter in our daily lives.  What appears to be a mess in your life?  It may look ominously impossible but there is a way to straighten it out - perhaps not completely in one go, but there is bound to be a solution for it.  Or maybe it's not as serious as you think?  Sometimes, I find it extremely valuable to run the 'problem' by a friend and get their perspective on it.  They could take you closer to the solution than you think.  (Or tell you it isn't a problem in the first place!)

Be kind to yourself and others
It is easy to fall into the Virgo trap of focusing too much on the finer details and missing the forest for the trees.  Both are equally important - find a healthy balance between organising the smaller steps without losing sight of the overall picture.  Being meticulous is one thing, but being downright pedantic is another.  Relax and permit yourself to say 'Well done, you have tried your best.'  Being overly-critical on yourself and others is not productive for anyone.

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