Thursday, 8 August 2013

Living Astrologically: Pisces Sun in 8th - fish in deep water

I found out another soul in my extended family tree has passed over to the other side.

I just wish that it wouldn't take something so drastic and melancholic to kick me up the backside and wake me up concerning my own life journey. Perhaps that's what it means to have my Piscean Sun in the 8th - to allow my twin fish to dive deeply into dark waters as part of my 'hero's journey', moving me closer towards my solar destination through 8th house topics such as deaths....

I thought back to all the things I'm fearful about (of which I have many, as I do have my Saturn oppose my Sun and Mars after all) and all of a sudden, those fears seem so insignificant - at least I'm still alive.  I still have many chances to go after my dreams, unlike my deceased relative.  

I have many oppositions in my chart and one manifestation is that I am easily influenced by external sources.  I'm afraid to act because I worry about what other people may think.  Having overcome the initial shock and sadness of this morning's new, I began to think how irrelevant other people's opinions are, especially those with an ulterior motive.  Most of the time, I know people say things to put me off (I don't have my 8th house emphasis for nothing.  Yes, I can smell those ulterior motives a mile away, but I'm still a failure in that I allow them to affect me).  Not today though.  

I just need to hold onto this feeling for future reference.

Thank you for this final message.  R.I.P 

Do you have a 8th house emphasis?  How is it reflected in your life?

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