Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Jupiter in Leo retrograde 2014

Jupiter goes retrograde from 20:41 (GMT) on Monday 8th December, until 9th April 2015. 

With Jupiter in Leo, the focus is on ourselves. You may not have your Sun in Leo but we all have Leo somewhere in our birth charts - where is yours?  That's the place where the flame wants to be ignited, or to burn more strongly and brightly.  Careful not to overdo it as it is Jupiter we are dealing with!

The expansive planet is in retrograde motion, urging us to go within and communicate with that part of ourselves that want to be seen.  Have you found your own stage to perform upon?  Have you identified that celestial spotlight to stand under, where you can proudly show the world what you are made of?  Use these 4 months to ponder on what it means to allow your authentic self to shine through, to connect with that inner wisdom and tap into the fountain of strength within.

Look in your birth chart, where is that flame of confidence burning?  Also look for your natal Jupiter. 

Image courtesy of StuartMiles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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