Friday, 26 December 2014

What a girl wants (Venus), What a girl needs (Moon)

The Moon and Venus represent our female energy.  The Moon shows what you are comfortable with and Venus shows your desires.  If both are in a harmonious relationship with one another, i.e. same element (trine) or same sign (conjunction), then what you need is what you want or what you want is what you need.  However, we run into problems when we want one thing but need another, e.g. Moon square Venus.

Moon in Capricorn (Cardinal Earth) square Venus in Aries (Cardinal Fire) 
Problem: Moon needs material security but Venus wants to be spontaneous
Solution: Channel the competitive spirit of Venus in Aries into helping the ambitious Capricorn Moon to climb to the top

With the opposition, we appear to have the Moon and Venus starting at opposing ends, but they are aiming for the same goal.

Moon in Leo (Fixed Fire) oppose Venus in Aquarius (Fixed Air)
Problem:  Moon feels more comfortable with focusing on creatively expressing herself whereas Venus wants to be humanitarian and focus on others instead
Solution: Find a way to allow the individual self (Moon Leo) to shine in a group setting (Venus Aquarius)

What do you want (Venus) and need (Moon)?

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