Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Keep on meeting... Scorpio

I still remember in my early days as an astrology student, I would dread meeting Scorpios.  Yes, I was influenced by the old school way of looking at this 8th sign of the zodiac - they are deep, dark and dangerous!  Looking back, it's not all wrong, as meeting those Scorpions merely was a projection of my disowned 8th house stellium......

Having undergone my Pluto transit to my Sun for the past 18 months (and still going!), I have learned to embrace the Scorpion qualities.  Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas mention in one of their CPA books (sorry, can't remember which one now...) that the lowest (or instinctive is a better word) way of expressing the Scorpion energy is by lashing out (i.e. revenge).  The next level of transformation is the eagle where the native is able to resist from the instinctive pull, raise himself up and view the situation from an elevated perspective - just like an eagle (i.e. not take things personally and get all emotionally tetchy from the slightest remark.  Take a step back and see the situation from a different viewpoint instead).  Then the final expression is that of a Phoenix where it rises from the ashes, leaving the old self behind and taking the renewed, matured self into the future (i.e. the native knows that s/he is well-equipped spiritually to deal with any life lessons head-on).

Some astrologers went as far as segregating the stages into seven - that's worth checking out.

So now, when I meet Scorpios, I immediately notice their profound wisdom behind the depths of their gazes.  I admire their incisive thinking and and insightful way of problem-solving.

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