Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Lion and the Lamb - My Ascendant and Sun

This morning, as I was tidying my room, I came across a bookmark  which I had received back in my teens.  It has the painting 'The Lion and the Lamb' by Heather Cooper, reflecting the inner turmoil faced by women in business.

Suddenly, the image of the Lion hit me - that's my Leo Ascendant! And the water reflection, the lamb - that's my Pisces Sun! (OK, I know Pisces are the two fish but personality-wise, the lamb and Pisces are pretty similar in terms of being mild, caring and gentle.....plus the fact that I'm a goat in the Chinese zodiac:-).

My Pisces Sun, lurking in the depths of the 8th house, constantly feels unsafe to stand under the limelight - where Leo Ascendant wants to be.  The key is to find out what Pisces Sun is afraid of.  What's she fearful about?  Once that's dealt with, then the lion can roar proudly in front of an audience, without upsetting the two fish.

As the ascendant is the pathway to be trekked upon in order to reach the solar goal, it is important for me to appease the fears faced by my Sun in order to allow the Lion to safely prance on the stage.  

Through family constellation, I have uncovered many of the fears held within my system.  Slowly, I learned why I was scared to be seen as past memories resurfaced, relating to how unsafe I had felt when I allowed myself to shine in front of others.  Once those emotional entanglements were dealt with, I was able to move forward and bask under the light.

Sorry for holding you back for so long, Leo Ascendant, thank you for the patient wait as I battled with my internal ghosts....

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