Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Mercury in Gemini, Mercury goes retrograde May 2021

Mercury is the messenger god, ruling communications and transportations.

It enters its sign of dignity (Gemini) on 3-4 May and will remain there until 12th July.

Normally, Mercury stays in a zodiac sign for just over 3 weeks.  However, with this messenger planet going retrograde on 30th May, it will remain in this strong position for an extended period of over 2 months.

While Mercury is in Gemini, expect more active cerebral activities (ideas buzzing in your head, planning projects),  and smoother communications (willingness to share thoughts and opinions, chatting on the phone/internet).

When Mercury reaches 24 degrees 43 minutes on 30th May, it will begin its retrograde motion and moves backwards, retracing its steps until it reaches 16 degrees on 23rd June, where it will resume direct motion again.  

Astrologically, it will affect those with planets in Gemini and other mutable signs (Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces) between 16 to 24 degrees.  

The usual advice given on the internet include:

- avoid signing contract (renewing is fine), if cannot be avoided, scrutinize the small print

- refrain from expensive purchases

- expect traffic delays

Personally, I experience the above even when Mercury is in direct motion anyway.

What I do notice when Mercury goes retrograde, and it triggers your natal planets,  is that communication with others become more sensitive than usual.  The chances of misunderstandings are higher.  So double check and triple check your instructions are being correctly processed.  Be extra polite in your choice of words.  When in doubt add an emoji to lighten the mood.  Be humble.  Double confirm your facts before you launch into a heated argument......

Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year, each time for around 3 weeks.  It is a period of readjusting the way we communicate.  If we are too blunt and crass, then try to be more refined and subtle in the way we interact with others.  In Gemini, we can learn to be short and simple in our choice of words.  Be direct.  Say what you mean.  And most importantly, INTERPRET in a simple way.  For example, if your husband wants to add a pinch of salt to your soup, then it means the soup is bland.  It does not mean you are a lousy cook, good for nothing, can't even manage a simple task of putting a decent meal on the table........  Your cooking skills and your self esteem are not interlinked.  And if you are the husband, perhaps compliment on other aspect of the soup before you say 'I think adding a pinch of salt will bring out the flavour even more....'

What kinds of difficulties do you run into during a Mercury retrograde?

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