Friday, 7 May 2021

The Power of the Moon: Transiting in Taurus

 The moon is the closest piece of rock/satellite to us, hence its influence is said to be strong for us Earthlings.  

It enters a new sign every 2.5 days.  

Depending on which part of the world you are currently located, it's due to make its ingress into Taurus on:

9th May 2021  16:46:58 (Los Angeles PDT)

9th May 2021  19:46:58 (New York EDT)

10th May 2021 00:46:58 (London BST)

10th  May 2021 07:46:58 (HK Time)

10th May 2021 08:46:58am (Tokyo JST)

10th May 2021 09:46:58  (Melbourne AEST)

Mood, behaviour, state of mind under a Taurus moon:

Indulgence, sensual, natural, stable, practical, stubborn, gluttonous, sedentary

Take advantage of this time to organise your finance, be it your porfolio or shopping around for better returns.  Go out and enjoy walks in the great outdoors and immerse your soul in the beauty of the natural world.  Compared to the previous zodiac sign, this is likely to be a time of inactivity/rest, sticking to what is familiar rather than being adventurous.

Dinner parties held under the Taurean moon is likely to influence our appetite.  Hosts can expect to see your guests mopping up their plates or asking for more.  Not so good for those who are watching their diets!

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