Sunday, 2 May 2021

Power of the Moon: Transiting in Aquarius

The moon is the closest piece of rock/satellite to us, hence its influence is said to be strong for us Earthlings.  

It enters a new sign every 2.5 days.  

Depending on which part of the world you are currently located, it's due to make its ingress into Aquarius on:

2nd May 2021  12:30:58 (Los Angeles PDT)

2nd May 2021  15:30:58 (New York EDT)

2nd May 2021 20:30:58 (London BST)

3rd May 2021 03:30:58am (HK Time)

3rd May 2021 04:30:58am (Tokyo JST)

3rd May 2021 05:30:58am  (Melbourne AEST)

Mood, behaviour, state of mind under an Aquarius moon:

Individualistic, innovative, rebellious, experimental, electrifying, humanitarian, altruistic

It's a great time to be different; surprise others or prepared to be surprised!  Hop outside the box and step away from the tried & tested, perhaps be a volunteer and do something for others in the community.   

Parties held under this time may take an unexpected turn.  It is a great time to network with like-minded individuals and discuss matters which benefit the masses.

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