Thursday, 27 March 2008

Sacred Landmarks, Special People

We are constantly under the influence of energy fields.

Have you ever felt positive and uplifted after being in the presence of certain people or being in a certain place?

Everyone radiates their own pattern of energy field (see my aura photo in a previous post). When your energy pattern resonates on the same wavelength as someone else's, being in each other's presence makes you both feel good. Energy fields of soulmates are known to merge into one harmoniously. I can easily name quite a few of my friends who could alter my moods for the better - and I bet they didn't even know they are doing it! Unfortunately, the same holds true for negative energy, there are certain people and places that would made me feel depleted of life. Doreen Virtue, the pioneer in Angeltherapy (, recommends shielding your energy field from these negative effects. Just like those happy people, these depressed individuals probably had no idea what they are doing to your moods, they are also known as 'Emotional Vampires'.

Happy times with my spiritual sister - Suni :)

There are so-called energy vortexes around the world. Sedona, Arizona in the US is one, Glastonbury in the UK too. During my time in Japan, my friend Miwa took me to one of these energy vortexes in Nagano prefecture. On my hike down to the energy spot, I met a local carrying several empty plastic containers, she was on her way to collecting her daily ration of the 'energised' water at the bottom of the slope.

Feeling the mystical energy and collecting my own sample of energised water

My friend Miwa also told me that Mount Fuji is another mystical place. I felt fortunate enough to be able to live near it for 3 years. Miwa once told me that her intuitive powers would increase when she's near me and especially when she was visiting me in Yamanashi. Sounds like energy fields at play here:)

Capturing the spiritual energy emitting from Mt. Fuji


  1. so interesting! how do u know if someone is altering ur mood for the better? does it mean friends that we click very well with are naturally those who do? can we also find out more abt our own spiritual fields? sorry for all the qns... haha find this so interesting!

  2. Yes, people you feel very comfortable with would have energy fields which are compatible with yours. It's all intuitive. Recall the last time you interacted with a demanding/depressed person, how did you feel afterwards? You may have felt low after being in their presence because their low energy fields might have been taking your energy, leaving you drained. Of course, they have no idea of committing such an act! On the contrary, bubbly people who make you feel good is because they're giving you their positive vibes. Crystal dowsing is one way of discovering which of your energy centres may be out of balance.

  3. i love this photo! if you stare at mount fuji in the background you can see it is not a normal sharp edged mountain! its almost jelly-like! so why is it a special place?

  4. I've taken so many close-ups of Mt. Fuji that I can more-or-less tell from which prefecture it is taken from (Mt. Fuji straddles on the border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures). It looks more symmetrical from the Yamanashi side - and prettier!(Well, I'm biased:)

    A local told me Mt. Fuji is mystical because a goddess resides in it/IS a goddess itself. The 5 lakes surrounding Mt. Fuji (known as The Fuji Five Lakes) are like mirrors for the goddess to admire herself at. One of my Japanese teachers said Mt. Fuji is vain and wouldn't like to see other pretty females so pretty girls are found in towns where the mountain is blocked from view (e.g. Misaka!:)

  5. I enjoyed reading this :) I want to know about more complex energies some people give off. I have a 'friend' sometimes we really get on well, then sometimes she infuriates me. how does that work...? :o


  6. In super simplistic terms, when you get on with your friend, it's because both of you are giving out energy of similar wavelengths, i.e. compatible, so you feel good in each other's presence. When your friend alters his/her thoughts incompatible to yours, then his/her energy would feel repulsive to yours (as in repelling, like magnets), or it might be felt as an attack (taking some of your energy), resulting in you feeling tired/upset/depressed depending on the degree of incompatibility. Basically, most situations can be analysed in terms of energy interplay.

    This change (in your friend's energy field)is only temporary. In a previous comment, I mentioned that it takes time to alter your aura, what I meant by that was the 'core' of your energy level. At the peripheral level, it's more susceptible to changes. Your friend only annoys you temporarily because s/he has a difference of opinion and not a radical change in personality. Hope this makes sense.

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