Thursday, 6 November 2008

Congratulations Obama!

In a conversation a month ago, some of my acqaintances remarked that America wasn't ready for a black president. These acquaintances also commented that I wasn't good enough to achieve certain projects. Deep down, I said to myself 'If Obama does become the first black president, it would proof these people wrong and also the fact that I can achieve my dreams too.'

So, on the day of the election, I was diligently tracking the votes minute by minute.

To begin with, McCain was leading, but after that, Obama raced right ahead, remaining in the lead until the very end.

Obama's success has proved that miracles do happen. This historical event shows that anything is possible if you dare to dream it. The universe is there to support us. What is it that you honestly desire from life?


  1. A week before the 4th Nov elections I was talking to a group on how I interpret Obama's birthchart. Someone asked if he will win the elections. I showed them my comparative analysis of Obama vs McCain using Astrocartography. Obama's Sun line and Moon line both run through Washington. McCain's lines however were nowhere near the capital city. Hence I remarked that McCain will not stand a chance against Obama, from the astrological standpoint.

  2. At the FAS Summer School this year. Rob Hand also predicted Obama's win - as long as the election was held on 4th Nov and not postponed.


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