Thursday, 13 November 2008


With transiting Uranus hovering over my natal Sun, I knew that major changes were to occur in my life. However, changing jobs for the second time this year is not exactly what I had in mind!

As mentioned by life coach Gill Edward, and further echoed by many other spiritual writers, our external world is a reflection of our inner state. Perhaps my recent cleansing is finally having an impact on my external environment?

Recalling my thoughts and emotions for the past few months, I have noticed that I had been acting very much out of character. Similar to Lucinder Ledgerwood - a candidate on last season's 'The Apprentice' in the UK. She was fired by Sir Alan Sugar for being 'too zany'. The competitive nature of the show was probably too harsh for Lucinda's spiritual self. I too feel my current environment is vibrating at a dangerously low energy level to suit my sensitive nature. The Uranus-Saturn opposition has been 'conversing' in my chart in the last few months - shall I move or stay put? In the end, Uranus won. My Saturn side is still getting over the shock of my brave decision during this economic decline! Fortuntately, positive affirmations are keeping me optimistic and spiritually content.
I was on the underground last month when I noticed a butterfly perched on the air con vent. It should be fluttering in the open air - where it truly belongs. Instead, it somehow got stuck inside a man-made environment, i.e. a train. We could call it an adventure. On the other hand, we could also interpret it as 'Fish out of water'. It's not being true to itself and should seek a location suited to its biological state. I too feel I have been drowning in the sea of confusion and being suffocated by Scorpionic and 8th house themes. With Uranus transiting my 8th house, where my natal Sun, Mercury, Mars and North Node reside, I have been wondering how I would experience this transit? Back in August during the astrology Summer School event, I remember one other participant commented that with such a significant 8th house influence, it would be a good idea to experience that through client work, i.e. I could deal with these issues through others. Otherwise, I would meet them head-on in my own life.

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