Saturday, 29 November 2008

Understanding Your Chart - Houses

'How on earth do you make sense of that circle with lines and strange symbols scrawled all over it?' is the usual response I get when giving astrological readings.

A birthchart is basically the map of the heavens at the time of your birth. Imagine the moment you 'greet the world', if you were to look directly up to the sky, and were able to see all the planets out there, then you would see the locations of the planets in relation to one another - the way it is depicted on your birthchart.

A birthchart is like a pizza divided into 12 slices. Each slice, or house, represents a particular area of life. Here are some typical keywords associated with each house:

First house: Personality, outlook on life, first impression given to others

Second house: Physical body, material possessions, self-esteem and values

Third house: Communication and thinking style, primary education, siblings, local area

Fourth house: Family, roots, heritage, one of your parents, home life

Fifth house: Creativity, self-expression, hobbies, addictions, love affairs

Sixth house: Daily routine, workplace, pets, physical health

Seventh house: Marriage partner, business partners, enemies, legal battles

Eighth house: Inheritance, taboo issues, sexual relationship, shared resources

Ninth house: Higher learning, foreign travels, philosophy, religion

Tenth house: Public status, career, one of the parents

Eleventh house: Friends, love received, organisations, collective consciousness

Twelfth house: Hidden talents, psyche, behind-the-scenes, institutions, universal source


  1. There is a program that simulates the view of the sky that you can download for free at the following website:
    The last time I gave a talk on the horoscope I showed the simulation of the sky first and then the chart. That facilitated the audience's understanding of the "map" of the heavens.

  2. Thanks for that Astrofriend!

    I've downloaded it but the program froze while loading..then I discovered that it's already on my Solar Fire Gold, but again, it froze during the loading stage:(

  3. Oh, I did not realise that Solar Fire Gold has it already, because I have the SF Deluxe version only!

    Anyway, the recent visit to your blog site gave me the inspiration to set up my own. I done it over the weekend and it is now ready. You are welcome to visit it at:


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