Saturday, 16 May 2009

Cosmic Reflections

When I first started this blog, I remember spending many days pondering over the title. 'Cosmic Reflections' came to mind, since I believe that the stars reflect the happenings on Earth, instead of influencing it.  In the end, I settled on Cosmic Potentials as I strongly feel astrology assists us in tapping into our hidden talents.

Many spiritual writers mention in their work the concept of mirroring, in that, situations and people occurring around us are reflections of our inner state.  So, for example, if I am particularly annoyed by a friend who is selfish, that person is brought to me due to my selfish side attracting that character into my life.  The likelihood is that I am unable to face the selfish side of myself, therefore, I attract someone with that trait in order to 'face' up to it from an external source.  

Interestingly, I once met someone whom I swear was my evil twin!  I say that because I totally understood her spiteful intentions behind all the malicious and hurtful things she did and said   To see my 'dark side' manifest in another person was quite a spooky experience!  She was certainly one of the tougher life lessons I had to endure.  As that individual is now out of my life, and may I add I have no one quite like that around me currently (touch wood!), I take it as a cue that for now, I have learned the lesson required of me.  It wasn't an easy time to live through, but it has taught me to appreciate the supportive people the universe has sent my way, and to be active in clearing negative thoughts from my system, for fear of attracting less than desirable people into my life again.  

I also believe that we all come from the same universal source, therefore, we are all the same.  When someone irritates you, instead of sending negative thoughts their way (which is the automatic thing to do!), we should try to understand their intentions for their behaviour.  Forgiveness is the key.  We say to the universe 'Help me understand why this person/situation has been sent my way so I can extract the underlying lesson and move on.'


  1. Nice blog Maxine. In the past couple of months I keep meeting random people (not friends). Who are to say the least obnoxious and arrogant. Is this the universe way of telling me that I need to sort my obnoxious side out? lol Or is it just plain bad luck?
    how do I stop meeting these nasty people? having no social life is not a possible solution.


  2. When I keep on meeting people with similar temperaments, the first thing I ask myself is - are these people mirroring a part of me that I have disowned? More often than not, they are. However, I've also found that these people could also be my 'teachers'. For example, I've met some aggressively arrogant co-workers in the past - yes, they're mirroring the more aggressive side of my personality, but also, they're there to 'help' me learn the lesson of being more assertive. So on the surface, it may seem very annoying and painful to go through, but it's actually a very cleansing and satisfying process once you have overcome the lesson. Hope this makes sense.


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