Monday, 18 May 2009

Skin as Smooth as a Baby's Bottom

Don't know about you, but I'm amongst the population of females who is striving for silky soft skin. According to Louise Hay's 'Heal Your Body' - a dictionary of ailments and their origins, skin problems are related to one's sense of individuality and how one is prone to the opinions of others.  In a previous post, I have mentioned my struggle with hives a few years back.  In fact, that was how I stepped onto the path of shrugging off external opinions, with the help of Louise Hay's positive affirmation work.  The original problem was too ingrained in my psyche that my skin condition remained for months.  Despite not receiving immediate effect, the journey enabled me to understand myself more, and through other spiritual means, e.g. EFT, reiki, astrology, feng shui, I began to cleanse my internal state, since this has a knock-on effect on the external world.  

Does this mean good skin may be related to a strong sense of individuality and a high confidence level?

Just for fun, I made a list of all the people I know with skin to die for.  So far, it appears that people with velvet skin are those with a strong personality and are likely to be immune to negative opinions from others.  This makes sense since Louise Hay's affirmation for skin conditions is 'I feel safe to be me'.  For these individuals, they feel comfortable and safe to be in their own skin, thus any external attack would not have an averse effect on them.

Even though there are many other factors which may influence one's skin condition, I would be interested to see if anyone else could repeat this little investigation and see what you find.  


    i was sitting in my group of frends the other day and every1 was talkin bout the psoriasis on their eybrow, or how their excemas playing up, and looking around, were all pretty scaly skinned, blotchy lookin people (still gawjus, no doubt)
    and the main reason we get on so well is were so understandin of eachothers irrational fears and were VERY sensitive people
    i did what you said
    looked around me that night when we met up with other people from school and the girls with the creamy velvet complexions from their eyelids to their fingernails, were the same ones hanging off the pool table, or dancing wiv no music on, while us scaly lot sat in the corner itchin our eyebrows
    so yes i definitly think ure right there -its interestin - but then does it mean u have to completly change who u are to get that look

  2. Thanks for sharing your 'research' Anon. I know from personal experience that it's very hard to change your thoughts/personality but you can always try - you won't be completely altered, at least not immediately. You just have to keep on reminding yourself to think positive and not to take other people's opinions too seriously/personally. I battle with it daily and I know I'm not alone in this. Just see it as a challenging game in your life. Everyone has their own problems.


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