Saturday, 1 August 2009


In my early days of being acquainted with Doreen Virtue's work, I remember coming across her explanation of being 'empowered'. This is basically having the confidence in yourself and not giving your power away.

Easier said than done.

I found it even more difficult to practice it when I come to understand that blaming others for our unhappiness is considered to be giving one's power away. Thinking back to Louise Hay's work, I guess it is true, because Louise mentioned that we have the power to not allow others annoy or irritate us with their words or actions. So even if we do come face-to-face with bullies and become upset, we cannot say 'X really annoyed me. It's all his/her fault.' What we need to say is acknowledge X's behaviour as unacceptable and then give the pain to the divine for transmutation. I personally like to think that it's just another lesson for me to learn about another aspect of human life, e.g. tolerance, acceptance. I release the pain associated with the event in question, asking the divine to help me extract the lesson then move on.

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