Monday, 30 July 2012

Full Moon in Aquarius 2012

The full moon in Aquarius (10 degrees 15 minutes) on 2nd August at 03:28 GMT brings us to our monthly culmination point. Look out for natal planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) making major aspects (conjunction, opposition or square) to this full moon.

This is a time when hidden information is exposed under the full illumination of the Sun and a time to review your current projects, especially ones started two weeks ago at the time of the Cancer new moon.  Full Moons are also times when emotions are heightened.  However, since the moon is in Aquarius, a fixed air sign, a touch of logic is added to the mix.

The theme of 'me' versus 'you'/'they' is prominent in this full moon. The Sun is in egocentric Leo, concerning with self-expression and allowing the inner self to shine (especially with communicative Mercury also in Leo, albeit in retrograde). However, we have the Moon in humanitarian Aquarius, concerning with tapping into the group consciousness. Together, we are urged to allow ourselves to shine (Leo) and be unique in a group setting (Aquarius) where similar goals are shared by all the members of the group, i.e. network with like-minded souls who hold similar hopes and dreams as you.

The Sun is in its natural sign this time (Leo) so let's take a look at Uranus and Saturn, which rule the Aquarian Moon. Uranus in Aries, another ego-driven sign, trine the Leo Sun and Mercury and sextile the Moon. Take a detached-stance in your thinking. Saturn in Libra conjunct Mars and trine Venus in Gemini, encouraging the need to compromise with others where appropriate - being an individual is important but so is being a team-player.

There is a definite 'buzz' in the air with all the planets (except Neptune and Pluto) in fire or air signs. In addition, this full moon is blessed with a trine to Jupiter in Gemini, boosting our optimism and expanding the mind. Think big and be positive.

Where does the full moon fall in your chart?


  1. Hy! This Full Moon falls in my 2nd house, opposing my Sun in Leo, squaring my Scorpio Pluto and in a sextile with my Mars in Aries... What should I expect?

  2. Perhaps watch out for a message which could challenge your current value system, especially in shared assets.

  3. 7th house. Exactly on my natal Jupiter at 10 degrees and close to my 14 degrees dc.
    My son has Jupiter at 13 Aquarius and
    we are currently apart as he recently chose to live with relatives.
    Hoping for a reconciliation at some point.

  4. 6th house and exactly trine to my natal Moon+Uranus conjunction in Libra,2nd House. Liked the support of Jupiter from my 10th House.Expecting good news about career+income related subjects.


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