Monday, 9 July 2012

Mars in Libra 2012

Mars entered diplomatic Libra on 3rd July and is due to leave on 23rd August.
During this 7-week sojourn, Mars, representing our driving force, is acting through the Libran goddess energy.  While this is traditionally known to be in detriment, it merely means that the natural Arien energy of Mars is 'me-oriented', driving us to assert our personal will, to urge the ego to become an individual and to stand out from the crowd boldly.  In Libra, however, we put the focus on other people instead.  In modern astrology, Mars in Libra is about being fair and diplomatic; it is about asserting yourself without upsetting others (i.e. keeping the harmony), you are urged to fight for justice, especially on behalf of other people, so instead of 'me, me, me', it is about 'you & them'.

Mars is Mars, even if it is in peace-loving Libra.  Mars asserts, aggresses and acts.  With Mars in Libra, it focuses the energy on relating to others.  We are given 'opportunities' to get irritated and annoyed by others so that we can experiment with a different way of dealing with our anger.  There is no need to be violent about it.  You can still get your point across without getting red in the face and slamming on tables.  In Libra, upsetting the balance is not encouraged.  So what do we do with the pent-up anger?  Whatever you do, package it in a socially presentable way.  If you really can't or don't want to suppress it, then at least be kind, express your frustration in a way that reduces damage to the minimum.

Mars in Libra gives us a touch of beauty to our actions, even if we do get angry, the foremost thought is to think about the other person.  Why are they being provocative? And why do I feel aggravated?  Is it because I/they do not feel appreciated?  Or that I am/they are not being treated fairly?  It is about expressing our anger in a harmonious way, so that we can get the message across in an agreeable way that is more socially acceptable, though some of us may get overwhelmed and end up being indecisive on what to do.

Wherever Mars is traversing in your chart indicates the area where we are asked to exert our energy fairly,  beautifully and collaboratively.  During this period, Mars will conjunct Libra, oppose Aries and square Cancer and Capricorn so look out for these signs in your natal chart.  Also check out your natal Mars and the house with Aries on its cusp.

In mid July, transiting Mars in Libra will tighten its opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto, i.e. the Pluto-Uranus square. Will this allow the Goddess energy to enter some global conflicts and resolve issues by identifying a common goal and aim for a win-win outcome?

Although transient, Mars will aspect the following outer planets in the natal chart during this period, triggering tension which is also felt by those in your generation.

By conjunction:  Uranus in Libra (1968 - 1975); Neptune in Libra (1943 -1956); Pluto in Libra (1972 - 1983)

By opposition:  Uranus in Aries (1927 - 1935); (2010 - 2018)

By square:  Uranus in Cancer (1948 - 1956); Uranus in Capricorn (1988 - 1996); Neptune in Capricorn (1984 - 1998); Pluto in Cancer (1914 - 1939); Pluto in Capricorn (2011 - 2022)

N.B. Due to retrograde motions, please check individual charts to determine the exact sign in these outer planets.

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