Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mercury retrograde in Leo 2012

This is the second Mercury retrograde in 2012, where the planet of communication appears to be moving backwards from the point of view on earth.  

Mercury retrograde in Leo timeline

Mercury enters Leo - 26th June 2012

Shadow period - 27th June to 14th July 2012
                         - 8th to 21st August 2012

Mercury goes retrograde - 15th July 2012
(12 degrees 32 minutes to 1 degree 26 minutes)

Midpoint (Sun conjunct Mercury) - 28th July 2012

Mercury goes direct - 8th August 2012

Mercury leaves Leo - 1st September

The general advice during this time is to avoid the signing of contracts and purchasing of expensive items.  However, Mercury retrogrades 3 times a year, in different signs each time, that must mean something?  WHY are there misunderstandings and miscommunications?  Last year around this time, we also had a Mercury retrograde in Leo.  At the time, my sister urged me to listen to Robert Ohotto's radio show on the topic.  Ohotto is an intuitive astrologer.  The show may still be available on iTunes but he has an updated version for the current retrograde, which is available for purchase on his website.   (http://store.ohotto.com/mercury-retrograde-in-leo-mp3--pdf-p216.aspx)

I like the way Ohotto uses archetypes to interpret astrology.  Leo is about allowing your unique self to shine and illuminate others.  One of the archetypes associated with Leo is the Child archetype.  Where Mercury is retrograding is the area of your life where you need to shine and express yourself proudly.  Can you identify the parts of you which have been suppressed by your family, culture or society?

The first 11 days from the start of the retrograde cycle leading up to the midpoint (i.e. when the Sun conjunct Mercury for the current cycle) is the period where we can feel rather unsettled.  We are subconsciously aware of the need to release our ego and surrender our issues to the Universe, but are reluctant to do so. By the time we get to the midpoint, a message will be delivered to us.  In Leo, it is likely to be related to our creative self, e.g. 'I am born to shine', 'I take the risk of allowing my authentic self to come out and greet the world'.  This does not necessarily mean that we have to become world famous.  It merely means we need to be true to ourselves and not deny our gifted talents, whatever they may be.  We then integrate  them consciously into our system.  It is important to note that other people (or even yourself) may have trouble with adjusting to the new you.  We could even take the 'easier' route instead, i.e. to become invisible and push our true creative self back into the chasm of our psyche.

However, if we do opt for this route, we may release the following archetypes as a way of managing our invisibility:

Narcissist - Were you invisible as a child and were shamed for being who you were?  Ohotto describes this archetype as a 'black hole full of shame' where you take others' light and never get to see your own core self.  Your jealousy is aroused by seeing other people's successes and glories, who had the guts to go after their dreams.

Vampire - Do you rely on other people's praises and 'suck' their essence to sustain your own life force?  You seek attention externally and can't even see yourself in the mirror.  When other people shine, their light destroys you (Vampires are destroyed by the Sun).

Perfectionist - Do you sabotage yourself by talking your way out of plans which can get you closer to your true self?  This may be achieved by discarding ideas by being overly critical or judgmental.

Other archetypes include the coward, addict, co-dependent and victim to name but a few.

Where is Mercury retrograding in your chart?  Also look to see where your natal Mercury is and the houses with Virgo and Gemini on their cusps.  It is retrograding in my first house, with my natal Mercury in Aries 8th house, Virgo on the end house and Gemini on 11th.  In a recent astrology class (11th), I shared with the participants some of the archetypal wisdom I have picked up.  Unfortunately, my values (2nd) were different from theirs, or perhaps due to language barrier (Mercury retrograde!), the idea wasn't well received.  One of the responses I got was, 'That sounds a bit far-fetched'.  I did shrink a bit and even had second thoughts of writing this blog entry.  Do I want to take the risk of having more people accuse me of being impractical (and maybe even mad)?  However, if I can't even be true to my own beliefs, then what kind of life am I leading?  I believe I will find other like-minded people who will respond positively to what I have to share.  And even if I don't, at least I'm being true to myself.

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  1. archetype is a very psychological subject and not many astrologers are willing to understand those explanations from another point of view. In fact, it is not easy to understand too because we got to feel it more than analyze it. I guess I am a Narcissist after read your article. :)

  2. Thank you for your valuable comment, Ida. It's great to get feedback on what other astrologers think about archetypes. It is very psychological topic, but modern astrology has taken a psychological approach anyway so it shouldn't be an alien concept. I find that using archetypes is an extremely powerful way of understanding the self and identifying our shadows. I love it and I intend to learn more about it. Robert Ohotto uses it in a very practical way. I appreciate that where I am now, especially, people may not welcome it, but it speaks to me very strongly. For me, the Perfectionist is definitely having a powerful hold over me. Archetypes explain a lot about the underlying motivations in people, but I think if you're not ready to face your shadow qualities in yourself, you're likely to attribute your problems as someone else's. In most cases, it is a two-way process, if you feel triggered emotionally, chances are that a shadow is present.

  3. everyone has his/her own timimg to unfold their life, so not ready to understand is not ready. Especially those who have pluto/scropio energy, more difficult or fear to see own darkside, just like me....

  4. Absolutely! I completely agree with you. Some people will NEVER be ready and that's fine too. It's their choice. Being open-minded and not ready is entirely OK, but I'm meeting individuals who are not ready and are criticising and ridiculing people who are. The fact that I'm attracting these people into my life shows that there's a part of me that is afraid to dig deep too. I too have strong Scorpionic tendencies.....


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