Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Moon in Cancer 2012
A new cycle begins on 19th July at 04:25 GMT as the Sun and the Moon conjunct in the sign of Cancer (26 degrees 54 minutes).

Where this New Moon falls in your chart is the area of your life where a new cycle begins.  The effect is more potent if it aspects any of your natal planets/points by conjunction, square or opposition.  

In Cancer, we are concerned with nurturing our emotional needs, parenting our inner child and to experience a renewed sense of belonging to our family/tribe/culture.  

This nurturing new moon square the now direct Saturn in Libra.  Saturn, exalted in Libra, is about redefining our boundaries in our relationships with others.  With Saturn square the New Moon,  it is a time to seek emotional security in our dealings with other people. It can also signify an emotional trauma which needs addressing.

Another configuration worth mentioning is the T-square with Uranus oppose Mars, and Pluto as the focal planet, or put more simply, Mars in Libra squaring Pluto from 'the other side' of the Pluto-Uranus square.  Here, we have Libra yet again, thrown into the background influence of the infamous Pluto-Uranus square.  Can we deal with conflicts (global or personal) harmoniously?  Can we express our needs without being aggressive?  Relating this back to the Cancer New Moon, the conflict may involve the issue of belonging to a culture/family, or fighting over lands.  The key is to be assertive without upsetting the other party, i.e. seeking a win-win outcome.

It is also interesting to add that Mercury is retrograding in Leo.  This is a time to delve within (especially with Pluto also in retrograde) and reacquaint with that part of ourselves that has been suppressed by our family/society/culture.  Leo is associated with the Child archetype, namely the creative child.  Have you been depriving yourself of some fun which can help to nurture that inner child of yours?


  1. thank you this was very accurate and well done just wanted to tell you that

    Lady A

  2. Thank you Lady Aya! Your kind words are much appreciated:-)

  3. Great comment as always.This time ne new moon tightly conjunct with my 11th house natal venus.0 degree Virgo Rising,and the new moon sextile Natal Pluto(H2) and trine Natal Jupiter(H4) with 0-1 degree orbs. How can you comment on that?

  4. Thanks Real Virgo.
    Sounds like a new beginning in how you seek emotional security with your friends, or seeking emotional nourishment by joining an organisation/community group/charity that holds special value to you...


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