Sunday, 9 November 2014

Basic Astrology: We have all the signs

Astrology is commonly reduced to sun signs by the general public. 

I'm a Taurus/Aries/Gemini.....

You're not represented by just one sign.

A copy of your birthchart will show you a detailed distribution of the 12 zodiac signs in your personality.  Everyone has a bit of Leo, Scorpio, Virgo, Libra etc in them, but it's the proportion of these signs which determines how it actually plays out in the ultimate personality.  

For example, I have a cluster of planets in Pisces. The Piscean influence is further enhanced by my Sun in Pisces square Neptune (which rules Pisces) so I have many Piscean qualities reflected in my personality.   However, my Saturn in Virgo opposing my Pisces Sun gives me plenty of reality kicks to make sure my dreamy and imaginative self doesn't wander too far into Fantasy Land.  My Taurus Moon also keeps my nebulous Sun grounded in the here and now.  My fiery Ascendant and Mercury give me the courage to speak up and be proud to stand under the spotlight to express myself.

It's just a matter of getting the most from your chart by befriending all of its parts and allowing them to collaborate, instead of battling against one another.  Well, ideally anyway..... However, being put under pressure can urge us to access our hidden potential, so fighting isn't always bad....

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  1. This is the explanation of my birth chart:

    I was born on July the 20th, 1991, at 1:12 PM (GMT -6) in Oaxaca city (17n03 96w43), Mexico...xD

    The result: Scorpio wins. My first house is ruled by Scorpio. It contains the rising, Moon and Pluto, and all of them are aspected...xD

    My second house is ruled by Sagittarius. I have been rich and I have been poor. Anyways, I am adamant and I never have starved...xD

    My third house has the third place: it's ruled by Capricorn and it contains two planets with aspects: Saturn (very near from my I.C., by the way), Uranus and Neptune. Yes, I love money and I love being admired...xD

    My fourth house is ruled by Aquarius. Yes, my past is out of series, like no other. It contains also something named Point of Fortune, but it's in Pisces, opposite to my planets in Virgo...xD

    My fifth house is ruled by Pisces. Fortunately, I don't have children. And my childhood is legendary. Sometimes, I love to remember my childhood and my teenager's ages over and over again for overcoming my horrible present time...xD

    My sixth house is ruled by Aries... Normally, diseases goes aways from me, but when one of them get to enter inside me... it's horrible. A so-called planet named Eris is here...xD

    My seventh house is ruled by Taurus. My descendant is in Taurus... I have been single since I was born because I tend to think that people is frivolous and fool, only interested in money and their own reputation. Besides, I'm not handsome. My point of Unfortune is here, but it's in Gemini, very near from the eighth house's cusp. It's opposite to my Moon (I rarely get what I want)... :(

    My eighth house is ruled by Gemini... I don't know its meaning. I still am alive... :P

    My ninth house is ruled by Cancer. My Sun is here. Yes, I speak two languages (Spanish and English) and I am learning another three ones: German, Arabic and Aztec (Nahuatl). Even I'd love to learn Incan (Quechua) and Japanese. Internet is the place where I do my conquests. I'm an amateur private eye, and I love to wandering and to wondering too...xD

    A strange so-called planet named Chiron inhabits at the border between Cancer and Leo, inside the ninth house. Yes, I'm like a King without Kingdom. And yes, I'm almost homeless. I attract bullies and I can't avoid it (Fortunately, I can defend myself very well). My Sun and my Midheaven are very near from my Chiron, which is also opposite to my Saturn... :(

    My tenth house is ruled by Leo. Leo has the second place here. Despite all, I still can scare people and being worthy of respect and some admiration. I'm a leader by nature but I am arrogant and proud, and I love humiliating simpletons. Midheaven, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Mars are here...:P

    My eleventh house is ruled by Virgo... Simple. I don't have any friends. I tend to use people for my own aims and goals. My dreams are very elevated, like my canons and standards. I'm very selective with my "friends" (Scorpio raises up this feature)...xD

    My twelfth house is ruled by Libra... What can I say? I'm full of foes and enemies!! I have lots of unfinished projects and broken dreams too!! My life is out of balance and I can't avoid it. Only living alone can keep the control in my life. Unfortunately, even my own family become in enemies for me... :(

    This is the why I say: Yes, you are right...xD


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