Friday, 21 November 2014

The Subconscious Lunar Pull

The Moon symbolises:

  • mother
  • the past
  • habits
  • needs
  • what we find comfortable
...and the list goes on
It is also the guardian of our subconscious world (where the Sun is our consciousness).  

I used to be a huge fan of The Secret, and to a certain extent, I still agree with its basic principles of positive thinking.  However, I often get asked, 'I've already set a positive intention, but it didn't work!' 

Well, that's probably due to the tug-of-war between the conscious (Sun) and subconscious (Moon) realms.  

On the surface, we ask for what we desire, e.g. abundance, love, status......, but that's our conscious world doing the talking.  Are you aware of what your subconscious is saying to you? That's the moon.  Look at its sign, house and aspects for further insight as to what your subconscious actually wants.

If we are unaware of our subconscious voice, then it can counteract with what we put out consciously.  It's a bit like putting on clean clothes without having a shower first.  As great as you may look in your fab outfit, your  body odour will gradually be seeping through the fabric.  So as 'clean' your thinking is consciously, if your subconscious is sending out opposing signals (bad smell), then it'll 'un-do' the effect of your so-called positive thinking.  

So what to do?

There's a range of tools out there to help ease one's emotions and clear out unwanted subconscious junk.  I'm loving family constellation at the moment because it has a Plutonic effect - it goes real deep and eradicates the problem at its roots.  The process may be too invasive and painful for some, but I personally find it more painful to carry all kinds of emotional triggers within my body.  Each to their own.....

What do you need to clear out to make room for your heart's desire?  What kinds of tools do you use to help release and heal your pain?

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