Friday, 6 February 2015

Living Astrologically: Mercury going direct - February 2015

Mercury is due to go direct on Thursday 12th February, having been roaming backwards in Aquarius for the past 3 weeks.  To be fair, personally, this current Mercury retrograde hasn't been remotely as disruptive and bumpy as previous ones, despite the fact that it visits my natal Venus 3 times......

Mercury retrograde is a way for the Universe to deliver a message to us.  That message is related to the sign in which Mercury retrogrades in. 

 (Aquarius is about breaking free from the cell that we have imprisoned ourselves in.  The Aquarian energy urges us to think beyond the conventional path.)  

The message reminds us that something needs to be addressed; something which you have been procrastinating about; something that has been pushed to the back of your mind 'for another day'.  The delivery date occurs around the midpoint of the cycle, i.e. around 30th January 2015.  What happened around that day?

I've mentioned elsewhere that I've been digging into my subconscious world using the insightful tool of family constellation.  After many rounds of digging, crying, and reconciling with my past, I feel my boundary is beginning to toughen (a Piscean's life time issue - I have Pisces Sun square Neptune), and this has a knock on effect on my own sense of self worth (Venus).  I can say no without feeling guilty.  I know when to back off without feeling bad.  I know what I want and won't buckle under external pressure and ridicule.  

I received the midpoint message right on 30th January.  A friend mentioned a plan to me which I had already thought about a year ago but didn't have the confidence or energy to execute.  Hearing the idea this time round, I feel that I could definitely do it... it'll take time, but it's well within my capability. 

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