Monday, 16 February 2015

Living Astrologically: Venus-Mars conjunction in Pisces

The current Venus-Mars conjunction in Pisces sends a sextile to my natal Moon in 10th house of career.  

Recently, I've been struggling with a career decision, so I asked for a sign from above....I didn't think much of it once I had surrendered the situation out to the cosmos....since yesterday though, I've been getting the same message delivered to me in various ways, over and over again.....'Be brave and take the plunge'......

However, with Mars in Pisces, I'm still not feeling the 'oomph' to take action (yes, it's tempting to run away from it, Pisces style!). I can feel it in my blood that I do need to make the change eventually.......perhaps when Mars and Venus enter the dynamic and highly motivated sign of Aries on Friday 20th February, which exactly conjunct my natal Mercury, I might finally be able to feel the courageous energy descending upon me, urging me to take action....

What's this nebulous pair doing in your chart?


  1. The venus/mars conjunction is sextiling my sun, squaring neptune, and quincunx my natal saturn/pluto conjunction. Any insights into what that might bring?

    Mostly feel tired at moment.

    1. Any uncomfortable dealings with authority figures (natal Saturn) or you as the authority figure, power struggle issues (natal Pluto)?


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