Thursday, 26 February 2015

Living Astrologically - My Lunar Patterns

The moon transits each sign for 2.5 days so it goes around the chart once a month.  

I've noticed that Moon in Aries puts me in an uplifting mood, as it also conjuncts my natal Mercury.

Moon in Taurus used to make me binge eat, but since becoming consciously aware of this behaviour, I've been able to actively control this indulgence.

I used to dread the lunar goddess transiting my 12th house as it would really drag down my mood.  Since my acquaintance with family constellation though, I've noticed the moon doesn't stir up my hidden emotions as much as before - probably because I've been consciously digging up those 'ghosts' during my constellation work so more and more of the emotional triggers are being removed from the depths of my psyche.

Another lunar transit I used to dislike was Moon in Sagittarius.  Yes, I know it's supposed to be fun  when we gallop into the distance with the Archer but not when it triggers my solar T-square with Neptune and Saturn!  Again, family constellation has cleared away some of my solar issues so now I can finally enjoy the carefree spirit of the centaur......

What do you notice when the moon transits through your houses?

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