Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New Moon in Aquarius (take two) 2015 - On the Brink of Change

The New Moon this month occurs in the final degrees of Aquarius at 29 degrees 59 minutes.  We stand upon the precipice of change, from the logical and humanitarian Aquarius (air) to the Universal and nebulous Pisces (water).  

This new moon is due to join the existing Pisces brigade (Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Mars), intensifying the imaginative and compassionate energy of this water sign.  Venus and Mars enter Aries two days later, igniting the dream locked within the psyche and unleashing the desire to actively go about grabbing what makes your heart sing.

With Mercury in Aquarius sextile Saturn (traditional ruler of Aquarius), we are endowed with an element of detachment as we go about reaching for our heart's desires in the practical world.  

The previous Aquarius New Moon in January was in the early degrees of Aquarius, which conjunct my natal Venus.  This time, it conjunct my Mars.  Can't wait to see what awaits me ahead.....

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