Sunday, 14 February 2016

Full Moon in Virgo 2016

We have a full moon in Virgo on 22nd February (GMT) at 3 degrees 33 minutes. 

If you have planets/points/angles in mutable signs between 2-4 degrees, especially Virgo (conjunction) and Pisces (opposition), then take note of the house being transited.  A full moon is when something previously unknown/hidden comes to light, a time of revelation.  Think back to what happened around 13th September 2015 when there was a new moon (solar eclipse to be exact) in Virgo.  Whatever you began then has reached a culmination point; it's time for a review.  Virgo is a mutable earth sign.  Keep what works and discard what doesn't.  

Full moon is supposed to be a good time to trim your locks, especially in the sign of Virgo!

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