Monday, 15 February 2016

I keep on meeting.....Virgo

I remember over a decade and a half ago, prior to jetting off to the land of the rising sun for a work contract, I met 5 Virgos, one after the other, within a span of only two weeks (and I became great friends with two of them in the end).  And of course, the work ethics of the Japanese is quite Virgoan too - methodical, organised, punctual, reliable and helpful.  Receiving this level of Virgoan influence led me to decipher the message within: either I was having too much or too little Virgoan qualities.  As always, balance is the key.

If you are a perfectionist, who tends to be self-critical and pedantic, then the message is to relax and not be so hard on yourself.

If you are careless and disorganised, then the message is for you to be more organised (create order from chaos), to pay attention to detail and to set a standard for yourself.

Virgo is also about serving others and being of use too (Virgo is mutable earth and is a highly practical sign).  It also rules the small intestines.  I often describe Virgo as having an 'intestinal effect'.  Virgo is about extracting the essence from one source (nutrients from the chyme mixture) and integrating it into something new (extracted nutrients as building blocks for the body).

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