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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2016

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Mercury, the mentally and physically agile messenger god, is a playful trickster, a lively magician and a witty negotiator.

Gemini and Virgo are its natural rulers.  Gemini likes to be mentally stimulated, absorbing information lightly and quickly. Virgo prefers to be of service to others, analysing and categorising information methodically.

Mercury is due to enter Taurus on 6th April 2016.  

Where is Taurus in your chart?  During this retrograde phase, Mercury will move over 14 to 23 degrees Taurus, so if you have any planets in fixed signs, then Mercury will conjunct (Taurus), oppose (Scorpio) or square (Leo & Aquarius) those celestial points/bodies.

Mercury symbolises the rational mind.  In Taurus, fixed earth, the energy slows down.  We think, learn, communicate steadily, reliably, patiently.  It likes to pay attention to all things which are pleasurable to the senses; it likes to be practical and to build things step by step.  The pace is rather different from what the messenger god is used to (at least from Gemini's viewpoint).

Mercury goes retrograde on 28/29 April at 23 degrees 34 minutes Taurus.  In Taurus, the pace has already decelerated, but with this retrograde motion added to the mix, it's a bit like chewing the cud:  chew slowly, regurgitate and chew again if necessary.

I'm sure you have heard all about miscommunication and delays during a Mercury retrograde phase. Three times a year, Mercury appears to be moving backwards from Earth's point of view.  It lasts 3 weeks each time.  The midpoint of the cycle, i.e. when Sun conjunct Mercury, is when we receive the message of this retrograde.  This will be around 9/10th May.  Mercury will go direct again on 23rd May at 14 degrees 22 minutes.  

Where Mercury in Taurus is transiting is the area of your life where you can incorporate more Taurean energy - communicate/think/learn surely, steadily, practically.  If you are already very Taurean, e,g. you have a Taurus stellium, or you simply exhibit a lot of Taurean traits (especially the so-called negative ones: inflexibility, stubbornness, overly-cautious nature, possessiveness etc), then this transit will allow you to explore the positive traits instead, as balance is the key.  Learn to persevere in times of challenges, to be more determined, generous and down to earth.  It's a bit like filtering the Taurean energy through Mercury, the messenger god.

On 13th June, Mercury will get a breath of fresh air as it enters its sign of dignity - Gemini.

Time line

6th April:  Mercury enters Taurus

14/15th April:  Mercury enters the pre-shadow phase (14 degrees 20 minutes)

28/29th April:  Mercury goes retrograde (23 degrees 34 minutes)

9/10th May: Sun conjunct Mercury - the retrograde message

22/23rd May:  Mercury goes direct (14 degrees 22minutes)

7/8th June:  Mercury leaves the post-shadow phase (23 degrees 35 minutes)

13th June:  Mercury enters Gemini

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