Sunday, 27 March 2016

Venus in Aries 2016: Activation of Aries by Venus

The Love Goddess is due to put on her shining armour when she enters the dynamic sign of Aries from 5/6th to 30th April.  The Love Goddess turns into a warrioress for about a month.

Venus naturally rules Taurus and Libra (or Venus is in dignity in these signs). In traditional astrology, Venus is said to be in detriment when in Aries.  This is because Venus is about all things sensual and beautiful, but in Aries, the energy is too bold and unrefined for Taurus/Libra's' liking.  

The 12 signs of the zodiac are present in all charts but the distribution of planets alters the energetic balance.  The transiting planets go round the natal chart, activating the signs at different times, giving us a different plot at any given moment.  Think of this transit as the activation of Aries via Venus.  Where is the sign of Aries (cardinal fire) in your chart?  If you use whole sign house like me, then that would only involve one house, other house systems will find Aries in one or more houses.

Venus is an inner planet.  Transits of inner planets have transient effects so it's not often analysed deeply.  However, if Venus is dominant in your chart (e.g. Sun, Ascendant, stellium in Libra/Taurus) then it's worth taking note of this goddess' whereabouts.

The transit of Venus in Aries brings us more life experiences of appreciating life (Venus) in an Arian way.

Love impulsively, quickly, boldly.  Enjoy life in the fast lane.  Act first think later.  

Want to strike up a conversation with the object of your affection?  Just do it.

Want to buy that dress?  Just buy it.

Want to try out that restaurant?  Just go and do it.

The downside is that one could be too impulsive and when the transit is over, you may find yourself with unwanted purchases or regretting over that outburst.  Look at other slower-moving planets like Saturn to keep things in check.

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