Friday, 25 March 2016

New Moon in Aries 2016

The Sun and Moon form a conjunction at 18 degrees Aries on 7th April (BST).  This is a new moon, signifying a new beginning in the lunar cycle.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, another symbol of 'beginning', in particular, the start of a new astrological year.

Where this new moon falls in your chart shows a new start in that area of life.  It shows where cardinal fire qualities need to be explored.  Where do you need to take the initiative and thrust yourself forward?  Uranus and Venus are also in Aries, positioned on either side of this new moon. What do you value?  What means the most to you? Be your own leader and break out of the present mold and create something new, something different (Uranus in Aries).

Mars is the ruler of this new moon.  Saturn (in retrograde) joins it widely in Sagittarius.  They are at the apex of a mutable T-square with Jupiter oppose Neptune.

Have faith in your plans (Saturn in Sagittarius) but be realistic.  Move (Mars) towards your dreams (Neptune) in manageable steps (Saturn).  Fight (Mars) for your dreams and wishes (Neptune & Jupiter) by all means but assess if they are plausible enough to be manifested (Saturn).  Do I have the time/skills to execute the plans? If you are being overly idealistic (Jupiter), then reassess and plan again (Saturn).

(House system used:  Whole Signs;        Location:  Hong Kong)


  1. hanks for this-- I love your interpretation here. you don't mention Pluto squaring the Sun/ Moon....any thoughts on its impact?
    Zoe, UK

  2. Thanks Zoe!
    I did note down Pluto's influence in my draft but I seem to have missed it out in my write-up! Thanks for the reminder. Pluto's influence is transformational, but on a psychological level so its effect is invisible to the external world, i.e. changes felt by the native but noone else is aware of it. Aries new moon square Pluto in Capricorn: Aries wants to be seen but Capricorn just wants to keep its head down and work diligently so this new moon may bring visibility to the native which s/he may find uncomfortable.

    Take note of the degree of this new moon, use a tighter orb as it is only a standard new moon (as opposed to a solar eclipse). I normally go for 1 degree only. If it tightly conjuncts a natal planet, then its effect is likely to be felt, otherwise, it just passes by uneventfully.

    Hope this helps!


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