Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Full Moon in Scorpio 2021

Full Moon is a time when hidden matters come to the fore.

26th April 2021 04:32am GMT (Chart 1) / 27th April 2021 11:32am Hong Kong time (Chart 2)

Chart 1
The dark Scorpionic Moon opposes a stellium (Sun, Uranus, Venus, Merucry) in Taurus, expect to have your values and opinions shaken up in the least expected places.  The axis straddled by this full moon can give you some hints as to where these places may be:

1st - 7th:  how you relate to others; personal partnerships

2nd - 8th:  money matters, personal values

3rd - 9th:  siblings, neighbours, communications

4th - 10th:  parents, heritage, home life, career

5th - 11th: lover, hobbies, friends, social circle

6th -12th:  physical & mental health, mundane matters, hidden agendas

Have fixed sign (Taurus - Scorpio, Leo - Aquarius) planets at 7 degrees?  This full moon may bring some surprises your way.

Issues raised:
  • Out with the old, in with the new
  • Problems in relationships/matters swept under the carpet need to be faced head on
  • Have the grace and integrity to admit something isn't working
Chart 2

What may appear to be a painful separation could in fact be a blessing in disguise. 

Familiarity doesn't just breed contempt, it can also encourage inertia, making one unwilling to take the plunge for fear of the unknown.

Are you ready for a change?  If so, clear out the clutter and embrace the excitement ahead!

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