Thursday, 29 April 2021

Jupiter in Pisces 2021

On May 13th-14th, depending on which part of the world you are in, we find the planet of abundance, Jupiter, enter its sign of dignity - Pisces.  Pisces is a sign of compassion, spirituality and the infinite realm.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, abundance.  With it entering a new sign, we can expect it to usher in a breath of fresh air into this stifled world of social distancing.  Bringing in the much needed hope and prosperity into every part of the globe.

On a personal level, where Jupiter traverses in your chart is the area of life with increased luck and opportunities, chances for advancement and expansion. Check both your sun sign and ascendant:

Aries - hidden talents, secrets, behind-the-scene matters

Taurus - social network, friendship, future plans, hopes and dreams

Gemini - promotion, better relationship with mother, positive public image

Cancer - higher learning, travelling, religion, publishing

Leo - investment, partner's money, facing/overcoming fear and paranoia

Virgo - new partnerships, business opportunities, winning lawsuits

Libra - better health, happy daily/work routine, getting on well with colleagues, new pets

Scorpio - love opportunities, leisure time, gambling luck, children 

Sagittarius - harmonious home life, better relationship with father, bigger homes, new family members

Capricorn - positive thinking, better relationship with siblings/neighbours/peers, inspiring ideas

Aquarius - increased earning and/ spending, elevated self esteem

Pisces - a new outlook on life, a new image, general wellbeing

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