Wednesday, 28 April 2021

The Crown - Princess Margaret

A recent addiction on Netflix piqued my interest on Princess Margaret's birth chart.  

(Yes, it's 'The Crown'.  Yes I know it's ancient, I'm slow, I just discovered it last week!)

I was amazed to find the chart endowed with 5 planets in dignity and one in exaltation.  However, we all know that being dealt with a fine hand of cards is only part of the story.  It is how we play with it that really matters.

A gregarious socialite, exuding glamour and charm, the late Princess Margaret captured her audience with her bright and cheerful exterior with ease (Sun in Leo, Venus in Libra).  

Within this fashionably-cladded shell encased a softer, emotional core (Moon and Jupiter in Cancer).  A soul who craved to belong to the clan, but at the same time, sought independence and individualism (Uranus in 1st, oppose Venus). No doubt, as picked up by the series, she was proud to be her papa's joy, but wanted to be herself within the constitution.  

Endowed with a sharp tongue and quick mind (Mercury in Virgo), humorous at times, offensive and inappropriate at others (Mercury square Mars), she was a captivating entertainer.  Love, whether it be family or partnership, came through in short and interrupted dosages via a narrow duct (Venus square Saturn), which the late princess may have found to be difficult to grasp (Venus oppose Uranus).  Underneath this beautiful surface lay the thick soup of deep and intense emotions (Moon closely conjunct Pluto), be it dark feelings from sibling rivalry (a Leo feeling overshadowed) or lost love (having one's own choice of partner disapproved by the greater system), the strong Leonine ploughed on, with her head held up high.

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