Sunday, 24 March 2013

Full Moon in Libra 2013

We have quite an intense full moon in Libra at 6 degrees 52 minutes on 27th March, as it forms a T-square with Pluto.

Under the full illumination of the Sun, the shadow qualities of the moon is under scrutiny.  The square to Pluto is likely to inject manipulation and power play into the equation.  It's one thing wanting to maintain a harmonious balance in our relationships with others, but it's quite another to be a stirrer, i.e. creating problems in order to solve them, but appearing to be fair and diplomatic on the surface (not implying all Librans do this, just the shadow aspect of the sign).  Or, being a people pleaser in the name of peace-keeping could be another issue that may crop up under this Venusian full moon with a Plutonic underlay.  At least on the surface, you appear to be tactful and diplomatic, but underneath, you are trying to keep a lid on your Furies that are threatening to burst out as we have the ruler, Venus, in spontaneous and egocentric Aries, along with the Sun, Mars and Uranus also in Aries.  As much as we would like to be nice and considerate, we are also aware of our own needs.  Throw in Pluto squaring this full moon and we may have some deeply-seated complexes being triggered as we deal with others while trying to be true to ourselves.  

How can we respond to the needs of others without neglecting our own?

Jupiter sends a sextile to the Aries cluster (Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus), giving us an opportunity to release the anger and turning it into something more positive and constructive.  Pluto also receives 2 sextiles (Saturn and Chiron-Mercury), thus funneling off some of the intensity elsewhere.  Instead of reacting to our complexes, we could use that as an opportunity to work with it, bringing light into the situation. We have quite a complicated concoction that day as Saturn and Pluto also forms a yod with Jupiter, with Jupiter squaring Chiron too.  

In a nutshell, if you have cardinal planets or points (Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, Libra) within orb of this full moon, i.e. 5 degrees 52mins to 7 degrees 52 mins, try your very best to remain calm and release your displeasure without causing a scene.....


  1. While My 5 degree Mercury in 11th house Libra has never caused me much problems, its Uranus 5 degrees in 8th house Cancer that has always been difficult for me to endure. Is this either a death of some sort or shared resources? At present I have Pluto transiting my second house Capricorn and I could use a little rejuvination in that area.

    1. Uranus in Cancer in 8th could also indicate the way you seek emotional freedom in your intimate relationships. Having independence (Uranus) is a form of emotional nourishment (Cancer) to you or that you seek an unconventional way of relating to your other half, e.g. you need your cuddles but you also need time to yourself (keywords for Cancer - nurturing, protective, defensive). With the full moon square your Uranus, any deep-seated fears/complexes may surface. Pluto in the opposite house could bring people into your life to challenge your old beliefs, but it's not in a tight orb to your Uranus, unless you have other planets aspecting it.....

  2. I have a full moon lunar eclipse exact conjunct Ascendant in Libra (0.14). I will be very thankful if you can help me with this. It's a bit scary. Thank you very much.

    1. This has already happened back in March (27th). Eclipses are like alarm clocks, they are there to wake you up, especially if there is something you are required to do for the development of your soul/life purpose but nothing is being done about it. Did you experience any events (especially in your social interactions) which led you to change the way you see the world around you? Think back to last months and see if you can recall any significant events which happened around this eclipse.


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