Friday, 8 March 2013

Mercury retrograde in Pisces 2013

Mercury began its first retrograde motion this year on 23rd February and will resume its direct course on 17/18th March.  

Mercury is in detriment in Pisces anyway, so you can imagine how (un)comfortable the Trickster is bound to be when it is traversing under the dreamy and nebulous sign of Pisces.  

The usual Mercury retrograde advice of 'don't sign important papers if you can help it', 'leave the house early to avoid possible delay' and 'be clear with your speech to avoid misunderstand' still stands.  However, the reason for these mundane hiccups is to get you to stop what you are doing in your busy life and to think about what you have neglected in your life which require your attention.  In Pisces, issues connected to addiction, procrastination, forgiveness and victim mentality are likely to crop up.  For example, What are you addicted to?  Are you using procrastination as an excuse to delay the execution of a plan?  Who do you need to forgive?  Do you find yourself saying 'Why me?' and just generally feel victimised?  

The phase before the mid cycle of a Mercury retrograde isn't an easy time to get through (i.e. 23rd February to 3rd March).  The Universe appears to be throwing your life out of kilter during this time.  The midpoint of the current Mercury retrograde in Pisces was on 4th March - i.e. when the Sun conjunct Mercury, and by then, you're likely to have received the message(s) of this cycle.  The rest of the retrograde period is then relatively easier to go through, as you begin to accept what it is that you need to work on.  (I highly recommend Robert Ohotto's 'Mercury Retrograde in Pisces' for further elaboration on this:

With the stellium in Pisces during most of this retrograde period, I knew I would not be able to come out of this cycle unscathed (I have my own natal Pisces stellium).  As regular as clockwork, I did receive several messages around 4th March, all pertaining to Piscean issues, e.g. to wean myself off the internet (addiction), to sleep earlier, to stop procrastinating and focus my energy on my long-term goals and to be more forgiving.

Where is the Trickster traversing in your natal chart?  Does it make any tight aspects with any of your natal planets?  What message(s) did you receive mid cycle?

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