Saturday, 23 March 2013

Living Astrologically: Jupiter in Gemini T-squaring my Sun-Saturn opposition

Jupiter first entered Gemini on 11/12th June 2012.  It began its retrograde motion on 4th October 2012 and resumed direct motion on 30th January 2013.  It is due to pass the torch onto Cancer on 26th June 2013.

Jupiter is commonly known as the planet of luck and expansion.  Its negative expression is 'excess':  overdoing, overwhelming, overly optimistic, overly arrogant.....
In Gemini, information overload is a possible manifestation, as is being a big gossip:-P

For me, with the planet of luck T-squaring my natal Sun-Saturn opposition, I've had a lesson in building my self-esteem.

I was battling with a nasty case of adult acne when Jupiter first exactly squared my natal Saturn back in mid August 2012.  I simply wanted to hide away in a hole and never come out until I'm facially flawless again.  In the end, it took me over 10 months to clear the infestation.  I was extremely conscious of my unsightly skin and did not want to leave the safety of my home - I didn't want the world to see how awful I looked.  However, I had to make a living so I force myself out of the house everyday.    By the time it squared my natal Sun-Saturn opposition in Nov-Dec 2012 for the second time, I realised that people around me still treated me the same as before, it's ME who couldn't accept myself due to a surface-level flaw.  By now, I had received countless ways of getting rid of my pimples, and had crammed my drawers with acne creams of all kinds, half purchased after researching online and the other half given to me by worried friends (t. JU in 11th).  Now (March 2013) I'm receiving my final square to my SO-SA opposition and I'm happy to announce that my face is finally on its road to recovery.    I had been so focused on my external life (face - Saturn) that I had neglected my inner self (Sun, my solar quest).  I had been placing too much emphasis on the material world (Saturn in my natal 2nd) at the expense of neglecting my spiritual health (Sun in Pisces 8th).  I should be grateful that it is transiting Jupiter that has been kicking my Sun-Saturn butt, and not other heavier and more solemn planets.  It's not fun looking ugly and losing self-confidence, but at least it's not life threatening.  I was able to remain (relatively) optimistic throughout, and whenever I felt myself getting weak, there's always someone there to lend me moral support.  It made me see that noone treated me any differently except myself (SO-SA opposition is a huge critic).  

What's your Jupiter in Gemini story?

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