Saturday, 9 March 2013

New Moon in Pisces 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely 'Piscesed out' with the Pisces stellium playing in the background.  Mercury then decided to retrograde in Pisces and now we are approaching a Pisces New Moon.  How do you all feel?  Spaced out?  Unfocused?  You're not alone.  Let's see how we can make the most of this dreamy and compassionate sign.

On 11th/12th March, we have the Sun and Moon having their monthly rendezvous under the sign of Pisces at 21 degrees 24 minutes.  It conjunct Venus (17 degrees 9 minutes Pisces) and trine the North Node (18 degrees Scorpio) the tightest.  With Venus exalted in Pisces, this aspect is urging us to extend our kindness selflessly and unconditionally and to go beyond the confines of the boundaries we have built around ourselves.  With Mercury retrograding in Pisces (in detriment), I'm not sure if we should trust our judgment in discerning which boundaries to dissolve.  However, this retrograde period, sandwiched between Neptune and Chiron, gives us a fantastic platform to heal past wounds through introspection, i.e. dig into the past and you are likely to find some loose ends and unfinished business hanging within, subconsciously hindering you from going forward.  This 'healing sandwich' (Neptune-Mercury-Chiron) trine Saturn in Scorpio, giving us a tangible way of delving into the depths of our emotions.

It is also worth checking out the rulers of this New Moon too - Jupiter and Neptune.  We have already talked about Neptune.  Let's look at Jupiter.  It is in Gemini squaring the Pisces stellium; the 'healing sandwich' being the tightest.  This to me is like a war between 'water' and 'air', i.e. heart versus head.  Perhaps we are overusing our logic (Jupiter in Gemini) and need to consider tapping into our emotions (Pisces stellium).  Too often, we talk about our woes, but do we allow our bodies to feel the sorrow?  Sometimes, we just need to release that pent-up anger/sadness in our systems through crying or screaming or whatever (safe) means you choose.  This message is repeated by the fact that Jupiter in Gemini is ruled by Mercury in Pisces - which goes back to emotions again.  Communicating your feelings with words isn't always easy and comfortable  (Mercury in detriment in Pisces), so consider exploring other means, e.g. through art (drawing) or music (singing).  And isn't it interesting that both rulers, Neptune and Jupiter, are locked in a square too.  Head or heart?  Logic or emotion?

Here we come to the end of an astrological cycle with Pisces.  It is a great time to evaluate our mortal  progress before we embark on a new cycle when the Sun enters Aries on 20th March.  Use this time for self-healing - deal with yourself first, if you don't look after yourself sufficiently, how can you make your contribution to the Universal collective?

Where this new moon falls in your chart could be the area of your life where a portal can be formed between yourself and the universal consciousness.

Where does this New Moon fall in your natal chart?  Does it make any aspects to any planets/points?


  1. I love the drawing on this post. With moon in Pisces, energy is rising from the belly. I thought on my iPhone reading of this post I saw another comment regarding stomach and all this water.

    1. Thanks Ohioastrology:-)
      My friend Joanne Wong created my troop of Astro Girls.


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